Anerma Electronics b.v.

Anerma Electronics b.v.
Schaapsdries 25
B-2260 Westerlo, Belgium

Tel: +32 (14) 26 69 51


Anerma Electronics is specialized in the design and production of client specific analog and digital industrial electronics. Our strength lies in the ability to connect every application with Ethernet and TCP/IP (Internet protocol).

Anerma Industrial Electronics

Anerma Reserach b.v.

Anerma Research is founded to invent solutions for importend/unsolved industrial problems.
The non-project approach allows us to do long-term research. A failure to realize an idea, would't disapoint a client, sinse no promises are done.

Currently we can present you already 2 amazing products, a power meter without install time and without install risks, and a new current sensor with wonderful specifications.

  • CT-Bridge First power meter in the world that don't need any connection.
  • Wagon Wheel New compact and cheap current censor for ac.